Young entrepreneur starts small business through Business to Bruce program

Young entrepreneur, Zoe Shave, is the owner of Daisy Chain Designs, a small business that she started this summer with the help of the ‘Business to Bruce’ summer company program that mentors young entrepreneurs to start their own companies.
Shave, a student going into grade 12 at Saugeen District Senior School (SDSS) in Port Elgin, sells scrunchies and jewellery that she creates herself.
“The Business to Bruce summer company program is a great opportunity for anyone aged 15-29 with thoughts of starting his or her own business,” says Shave. “The program is of very high quality in that there is a program coordinator to help with the application process. The program coordinators that I worked with were Tori and Jenelle who are excellent mentors and provided superb assistance!”
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The program also provides mentors and experienced business owners who partner with summer company to give advice about the small business industry. The mentor this year  talked through keeping paper trails, creating schedules, marketing, goal setting, and his own experiences. He also kept in touch and had personal meetings with each of the applicants to determine their goals for their business and gave great advice on anything they were struggling with.
“After mentorship and meetings,” adds Shave, “I learned to keep a reasonable work schedule, how to manage my expenses, keep on top of the bookkeeping, advertise to the correct market for my products, and market my products accordingly. With the mentors’ and coordinator’s assistance, I was able to overcome issues and difficulties in operating my business with ease.”
Shave’s creations have been available this summer in Armen’s Cafe, and the Elk and Finch in Southampton.  In addition, she has created her own website and shop on Etsy, and arranged pick-up orders for local residents.
“I had a fantastic summer working with Summer Company, despite the COVID-19 restrictions,” says Shave.
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