A Home Run for Hospital Foundation

 (L-R) Jeff Carver of the Wismer House, Hospital Foundation Chair Jim Barbour                                 and Clint Turcotte of Green Street Design

The Saugeen Shores Slo-pitch Men’s and Ladies’ Leagues ended their season on a high note.

Jeff Carver of the Wismer House issued a challenge to pay $5 for each home-run hit (up to $1,500) to be donated to the local hospital and the players took up the challenge in earnest.

On Thursday, September 6th, Carver donated $645 to the Saugeen Memorial Hospital Foundation.

In addition to the hospital winning, the top hitters also won Wismer House $50 gift cards.  In the Men’s League, Gord Davies and Derek Scott tied for first with four homers each and in the Ladies’ League, Teaghan Johnston came in first with four home-runs.

“Next year, we hope to raise a lot more,” said Carver, “as we are going to challenge all the sponsors to get on board and see if we can get even more sponsors to join the cause. All the players were excited by the challenge and it really got them talking … and hitting!”