Reader believes marine heritage and community involvement being lost

To the Editor:

We will be devoid of “story telling” what people did along our Waterfront, as a municipality, if the proposal to cancel the Waterfront Committee is accepted by Council.

I believe removing this from a MASTER PLAN needs public consultation, not just Council.  I believe “story telling”, in the manner of seeing the ice crushers; wintertime ice gathering; ice houses along the river; Drying Reels used by scores of fishermen; the Fish Processing Station;
are all an essential part of the Southampton Community’s marine heritage.

2.) The “story telling” that the Heritage Committee has done in the past has called this “history” and has not been interested.  There will be, no longer, Deputations before Council, once this proposal is accepted.  This is a loss of Community Involvement.  This is a loss of the promise of Amalgamation.  These are outside eyes telling Southampton there is no priority for your stories.

3.) The Approval in 2013 was submitted by Jayne Jagelewski (Director of Community Services); signed off by Fred Schildroth and Diane Huber representing the town.  This is a flip-flop
by the Director, Parks and Recreation and there is no rationale presented by the Town as to why. 

Why is a MASTER PLAN that was accepted by 100% of Council being disregarded?

Gord Boyd,  Southampton